Report from a Japanese fan of MikuExpo2016 North America Tour at Mexico City  

Mexico City is the city that a vocaloid concert was held by "Mirai-no-Neiro" and many fans went wild with joy. When I got the information that a concert of "Miku Expo" will be held at Mexico City, I decided to go to Mexico. "Miku Expo" is larger than the concert in "Mirai-no-Neiro", so I think surely Mexican fans would enjoy the concert more and more. I wanted to look by my eyes how Mexican fans enjoy the concert.
Finally, I met Latin-America's fever and many of friends on the other side of the planet.

Concert Hall
El Plaza Condesa which is the place this concert was held seems to nallow than Zepp Sapporo which is the plase Miku's concert was held previously in Sapporo, Japan. So, we could look Miku more closely. But the floor is flat as same as Zepp, it is hard for fans who is not so tall, especially, girls. The balance of the sound are good than Zepp, sounds weren't broken during the concert but it had good volume and pressure.

Besically, it was same as Japan tour. I think they are the difference.
- "Just Be Friends" for Luka's song (despite of "Luka Luka Night Fever")
- Spanish version of "Sharing the World"
- "miku" by amanaguchi
- Adding "Deep See Girl"
- Lack of 2 songs("Arifureta-Sekai-Seifuku","Ai-Kotoba")(*1)
- MC by Spanish
Spanish is the language which has many set of vowel and consonant as like as Japanese, Mexican fan seems to be able to hear Miku's MC. But "Sharing the World" was not so good... this song is completed in English version, so Japanese version is not also so good. I can't understand why "Miku-mambo" wasn't choosen...
(*1) By the confusing of my memory, I thought "Glass Wall"was not played, but actually Glass Wall was played.

Shouts and Expressions
The loud shout is one of the feature of the concert in Mexico.
At the concert at Taipei in 2012, it is impressive that many persons sang songs with Miku. As same as that, many Mexican fan also sang songs with miku. Someone sang very good, someone worked hard to sing in Japanese. But, the loud shout from whole of the hall was that I don't have experienced.
Thousands of people shouted loudly as much as they can, they didn't save any more. Their shout almost vanish the sound from instrumentals. Most of them seemed to be from girls and ladies, they were with high tone, and many male fans shouted like "Foooo!" with high tone. But, I heard some of "Wooooaaaa!" with low voice with gentlemen, like a kind of war cry. It was very good shout I think, because it would be the shout by his soul.
And, expressions of Mexican fans also very impressive. They were enjoyed the concert and vocaloid characters on the stage from the bottom of their heart. It became me very happy only I look at.
I understood Mexican fans have waited and waited very long time when the vocaloid concert is held on their city. The shout and expression shows that their dreams became true.

Special chants
At the stage at the night on 4th. June, Mexican fans heated up very much before starting the stage. When they saw something change on the stage, they cryed and called Miku's name, and at last, they cryed and called Miku's name by someone cryed. In this situation, they did chant using the template of cheering for football.
I remember( or I can understand the detail) these 2 cants.
- Ore, Ore Ore Ore, Miku, Miku
It's popular in Japan as a chant of cheering for football. They couldn't hold the tempo only call Miku's name (maybe they are so exciting), but they hold the tempo with this chant. It did during asking encore and after the concert.
- "We can see Miku, we can feel Miku, Miku is here"(*2)
It also from the template of cheering for football, 3 part of 3 words of Spanish.I asked David-san who stand next of me and can understand English and Spanish, he explaind the meaning.  Some fans chanted this at the concert on 5th. June, so I think someone made this chant.
The meaning of this chant is just the basic thinking of Miku's fan. Some of Japanese fan who saw my tweet about this chant said that this is very important thinking as a fan of Miku and vocaloids.
From these special chant, I feel Mexican fans enjoy Miku and vocaloids as their character, not only a "foreign" culture.
(*2) By Lluvia-san, I can know just what they said. Thank you very much!

I experienced very hard moshing in this concert. Many fans rushed to the stage as it is a train at morning, I couldn't wave my glowsticks. When I waved as same as I do on the other Miku's concert, I hit someone's head or glowstics, so I had to wave very carefully.
But I heared that the moshing at the concert on 5th. June was calm than that at the night on 4th. June. As a Japanese who experienced the moshing on 4th June, he couldn't wave his glowstics any more in the moshing, he almost died by the pressure and lack of air.
At the concert in Japan, audiences don't mosh so much so we can wave the glowstics. I prefer I can get more space at the front side.... but, I know that this shows how Mexican fans hope to meet Miku.
As Japaneses who standed next of PA site(*3), there are plenty of space around them, it was very easy to dance "Ota-Gei"(Japanese style's dance with glowstics, but it needs very large space) safety. When I heard it, if I would dance "Ota-Gei" there... but, I could hand my namecards to many Mexican fans because I was on the front of the stage, so it is OK.
(*3) PA site is a space for PA(making sounds) staffs. At this concert, there was a space which was surrownded by fences at the end of backward of 1st floor, that was PA site.

Rythm of the waving of glowsticks
Against my thought, the rythm of the waving of glowsticks weren't so good... it wasn't fit the song's rythm. 
When I wave along the song's rythm at the concert on 5th. June, many fans around me followed me. So, I think if many fans didn't know how to wave and some of fan who saw me thought "The Japanese who were green headband and mant would be a kind of "professional"" and followed me.

It is prohibited in Japan, because it is dangerous when they fall down and it blinds the person's view who is behind them. But, there were some persons who put a girl or a lady on their sholders. They seemed to think they want to see Miku well. I think it is dengerous and bad manner, but, I also think Miku's concert have to be held with the hall which has incline and most of persons can see the stage. After the concert, some of Japaneses agree it.

The difference of audience
The concert at the night on 4th. June is the most hard one to get the ticket. So, there were full with enthusiastic fans, they shouted through the concert.
Inspite of it, at the concert on 5th. June, fans were waiting with talking (or kissing with their boy/girlfriends) to start, calm during the double-encore and they walked out with talking, not so shouting. In the area in front of the stage, there are someone who didn't see the stage because the person worried about something dropped, someone who mainly took the movie by smartphone and who mainly mind around, not the stage. Japanese who was next of the PA area also saw more peple who took movies than at the night on 4th. June.
But, I think, it is OK if there were many people not only enthusiastic fans. It is important that many types of fans saw Miku's stage.

Other points during the concert
- Drink seller
In the ballpark in Japan, many "Beer Seller" sell Beer. In this hall, there was "Drink Seller".They went into the moshing cloud with the coke on the tray with hole and called "Fresco! Fresco!"(It seems to mean a coke.). It was very impressive that their arm and the tray stand upon the cloud and moving in it. Yes, it is very good to solve audience's feeling thirsty.
- Miku-san! Anataga Daisukidesu!
A Mexican fan shouted at the concert on 5th. June. It wasn't so fluently, but as a Japanese I felt very happy, because he wants to say it from his heart, even though he is not fluent with Japanese.
Japanese language is too different from Europian languages so it is very hard to study. But, it isn't useful than English. So, we Japanese feels very happy we find persons who study and use Japanese.
- "Noooooo!"
When Miku said "This is the last song", fans said "Nooooo" in Spanish. In Japan, we said "eeeeeeeee(ええ~っ)", but fans said same meaning in Spanish. I understood it is the word from the bottom of their heart.
- "Shiiiii"
At the second encore, Miku asked quiet, but someone said something. But, some fans told "Shiiii" to stop saying. Some Japanese said it is very good.
In Japan, through the song, audience are quiet. In this concert, when Miku plaing the piano, fans shouting and clapping shortly. I think it is very good because we can show our feel that thank Miku for starting to play and sing a song.

Asking graffity from Mexicans fans to Japanese middle-aged fans
Many of Japanese fans next of PA site were asked from Mexican can to write graffiti. As Lluvia-san thought, half of them thought they are the staffs of this concert.
After the concert finished, some of Japanese fans next of PA site did "Sanbon-Jime" chant. This chant is a usual chant after Miku's concert finished in Japan. This means "The concert was over with no problem and we enjoyed fully. Thanks all of staff and audiences.".

The way of "Sanbon-Jime" is:
1. Held our hand to open for clapping and wait the starting chant.
2. The leader (in Japanese "Ondo-Tori(音頭取り)" said "Iyooooh!(いよぉーっ!)"
3. After that, persons around there claps with keeping the rythm each other as that:
   pang pang pang, pang pang pang, pang pang pang, pang
4. Do clap above 3 times. Member chant "Yo!(よっ)" or "Hay(In Miku's concert stile)"each end of the series of claps.
Like as that:
   pang pang pang, pang pang pang, pang pang pang, pang "Yo!"
   pang pang pang, pang pang pang, pang pang pang, pang "Yo!"
   pang pang pang, pang pang pang, pang pang pang, pang "Yo!"

I think if Mexican fans saw this chant and thought they were special members for this concert.
Of cource, they are only Japanese middle-aged fans, they aren't special at all, and they try to tell it to Mexican fans in English. Some of fans understood it and they asked graffiti to Japaneses, but there are also many fans who couldn't understand English.I think, there were
- Fans who wanted Japanese fan's graffiti
- Fans who thought that Japaneses were the staff of the concert
- Fans who thought that Japaneses who were asked to write graffiti would be a special persons
and it causes the rush of asking graffiti.
Many Japanese said"I can't understand why they needs a graffiti who is only a ordinary middle-aged-men(in Japanese, Ossan(おっさん))."But, we told when we ate late dinner after the concert that
"We are who comes "from Miku's country", it would be special itself."

How Mexican dealed with a "professional-like" Japanese with green headband and coat
I wore green headband(Hachimaki(ハチマキ)) and coat(Happi(はっぴ)), I didn't ask to write graffitti so much. At the concert on 5th. June, I was pulled into the circle of Mexicans fans by Japanese to join the photo session. At that time, some Mexican fans asked me a graffiti. But most of time, I only asked to take a picture with this person or talk with. This Happi-Hachimaki set was sold at the Miku's concert in 2011 tokyo. At that time, when I wore them, a foregner fan asked me to take a picture with. So, it is very natural reaction.
At the concert on 5th. June, the next Mexican fan can speak English, so we can talk with many things through him and I can hand many of namecards to Mexican fan aroud there.
But, at the concert at night on 4th. June, I couldn't talk with a Mexical girl who try to talk with you with her brave, because I can't understand spanish, she can't understand English and Japanese... It is very sad for me. 
I realize the importance of memo and pen. If I had them at that time, we could talk via Google translation...

Before and end of the concert, from the space in front of the hall to the aile in the park near there, many marchants were selling unofficial (without licenses)goods, so it seems a kind of frea-market was held.
In Taipei, many marchangs sold glowstics, but in Mexico, they sell many of things.. T-shouts, caps, dolls, posters, bands and something to eat!
In Japan, many goods without licenses are sold (especially, as a prize of crane-game), many of books without licenses are sold in ComicMarket. So, I think we Japanese can't say anything about selling such goods itself. But, such of street-marchants aren't so much in Japan.
I think the reason why is:
- In Japan, we needs permission from the police for selling something on public spaces (road, park, etc.) , and it is very hard to get it. If many street-marchants gather such as in Mexico, police will come and ask to stop selling and leave.
- In Japan, Japanese mafia(Yakuza) sometimes manages street-marchants. If someone try to open his shop on the load, Yakuza who manages around the area will come and ask him to pay money for the place. So, it is hard to open the shop on the street and get enough profit.
There were Cripton Future Media CEO Itoh-san and see these unofficial goods. He could stop to sell them, but he didn't do it. I think Itoh-san leave them because it would also be a fun for Mexican fans.

At the last of my report
At first, I feel sentimental feeling as
"Wow, there are so many Miku's fans even though here is the oposite side of the planet..."
But, I saw how Mexican's fans are enthusiastic, I thought I could't defeat their passion as a Japanese fan and I shouted as loud as I can. But, at last, it became useless. I only shouted and enjoyed the concert. I was tought from Mexican fan's attitude that "Only shout! Dance! Enjoy with us! That's all!". This is the origin as a fan.
In Japan, there are some persons who says
"Miku has already lost her popularity."
or, even though he said 3 years ago
"Vocaloid musics are boring already."
but now he watches many news around vocaloids and approve them. I hate them as a fan of vocaloid and musics.
But, after I met Mexican fans' passion, I understood that thinking about such person's comment is useless.
I'm enjoying vocaloids, many of composer(Vocalo-P) enjoys to make musics, many of fans also enjoys songs and love characters as same as me. So, we don't need to think about "in the future". Even if there is someone who thinks vocaloids boring in Japan, there are peoples who enjoy vocaloids in Mexico, and around the world. It is enough only to enjoy with such Vocalo-Ps and fans.
From the passion of Mexican fan, I understood this, very important point as a fan.
And, through the travel, I got many good friends and helps from Mexicans.
David-san in Animedia who helped us with English, Spanish and Japanese.
Angel-san who is translator of Spanish and Japanese.
Luis-san who came from Monterrey and helped us to get the ticket from the ticektmaster WillCall.
Every fans I met in #HoraMiku fan meeting (Lluvia-san, Yunare-san, Alex-san and every Mexican Fans.)
Mexican fans who talk with me at the concert(Rinaruuuuuu-san and every Mexican Fans.)
If I didn't deside to go to Mexico, I can't meet these good Mexicans and get many of friends.
Muchas gracias Mexico y Mexicanos!

And... Who joined us is Miku-san. Miku-san makes lines between points around the world, it changes the circle and bonds. I don't imagine I can get such many friends in foreign country. What a happy is this!
So... Miku-san Maji Tenshi!(Miku-san is really an angel for me!).