[Minecraft] Introducing my house! 

Today is the day that the Minecraft Tokyo Game Show Meetup in Makuhari Japan, so, I introduce my house in a Mincraft multi world server!

My house of Minecraft is in the Minecraft Informal Japanese User Forum Server(ForumServer). I used to live in Exotic World Server till 2012, but that server is closed and I moved here.

This is my house... exactly, it have to be said as "plant" or "farm". Because there is no bed and private room in these buildings!
As you see, these buildings are all under the sea. I want to make planting field under the sea. I seached the area which has large water depth, and I found there which has over 15 blocks of depth!

There are 4 tree planting domes, 1 farming dome and 1 Headquarter dome. The shape of them are all hexagon. There is the "HEX" city in the ForumServer, and HEX is the first city I live in. Of cource, hexagon is a most important motif of HEX, so I made hexagon domes as a citizen of HEX.

The Birch dome
I made 4 domes for 4 type of trees; Oak, Birch, Spruce and Jungle. Oak dome can plant 488 oaks, and other dome can plant 166 trees each. If you put sapling after you get woods, you can get any type of woods infinitely. When you cut off all of trees, some of saplings you have put are already glown.

I have 2 beacons which help me to cut trees.

cocoa wall
pumpkin field
In the firming dome, there is the big field for wheets, potatos and carots, 3 automatical fields for pumpkins and watermelons, a wall for cocoa beans. Fields for sugarcane is under construction.

In the center of the area, there is the Headquarter dome. there are many of checsts to put many of materials into.

Under the Headquater, I'm constructing a big warehouse and huge space for experiment of construction.
I have some plans to make the private rooms, bath room, visitor's passage... I have no idea when I complete them....

I have a shop in the ForumServer, it sells woods, that is the reason why I have such huge tree planting fields.

This is the "MineMall" near the Empo2 portal. I have a shop in the mall.

Bukko's wood shop
This is my shop. I sell 96 blocks of woods by 1 diamond.