【Column】The World Vocaloid Convention Report #6 : The sound of German. 

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I joined The World Vocaloid Convention(WVC) in Kakegawa, Japan.
In the convention, there was a session that we told with the Vocaloid fans in German by Skype. In this session, I found two of very interesting difference between German fans and Japanese fans.

1. Combination with the charactor of Ghibli and Vocaloid

A cos-play group in German wore a suits of racoon dog over their Vocaloid's costume. We asked why and they answered as that:
"We like the Studio Ghibli's film of "Heisei Tanuki-Gassen Ponpoko" and Vocaloids, they are from Japan. So we conbined them."
It is very unique for Japanese. Because most of Japanese thinks the films of the Studio Ghibli's and Vocaloid belongs with difference type of art, so most of Japanese didn't think to conbine them.

The Studio Ghibli's films are enjoyed with most of Japanese, it is seen as a kind of "main-culture" in Japan. On the other side, Vocalid culture is seen as a kind of "sub-culture". Some of Japanese like Vocaloid's musics but some of Japanese don't know even "What is Vocaloid".
So, to conbine with Ghibli's charactor and Vocaloid is same as "To conbine with Superman and Ninja Slayer."
(I'm sorry I couldn't write good examples in German... I don't know any informations about sub-culture in German.)

Japanese don't think it is very qurious, but it is very unique and interesting.

2.Deutsch no Neiro (The Germany Sound)

We can listen two musics with German vocaloid-Ps, one of them is by ncras-san and another is by kentai-P.
From these musics, I felt there is some of unique point with the melodies and chords. I'm not an expart of musics so I can't find clearly what it is and where such feeling comes.

I think there is something like a "Deutsch no Neiro" - the Germany sound.
Some of songs which is made by china and taiwan's vocaloid-P have some of part with chinese melodies, which give the songs with an atmosphere of chinese culture.Even if these musics are a kind of "Techno" or "Pops", some of part can be played with erfu - a musical instrument in China.
So, I think there is something of "the atmosphere of German" in the Germany Vocaloid-P's musics and I felt it from the songs by Germany Vocaloid-Ps. I think it is very interesting and exciting.

How is the "America no Neiro"? How is the "Brazil no Neiro"? How is the "Other country no Neiro"?
I hope the software of vocaloid become more polular and many of vocaloid-Ps make their songs with their "Neiro"s.