[FFXI] The sentence of "We need your help" 

When I gathered Black Tiger Fangs in Beaucedine Glacier,
a non-JP player asked me for help of WHM AF quest.
I have to earn gils for my "The world BF fight", I refused it.

At that time, he said,"We need your help."
I feel that "We need your help" is very "American" sentence.
My colleague told me to use this sentence when I write some e-mail
for American developper to ask making some proglams.
I don't know it is the reason of this sentence,
many of American developpers are willing to make very complex proglams.

I think American think important that someone need "their" help,
American feel well when they are said as a special and only person
who can do it.
So when they said "We need 'your' help", they might be willing to do it.

On the other hand, Japanese don't think important this point so much.
It is clear that you need "my" help when you ask me,
because if you don't need, you won't tell me.
The important thing is what you need, how you worry and how you are polite.
("Polite" means how far you think about the others' situation and feelings.)

It is very interesting difference between American and Japanese.