[FFXI]A thought from a comments of half-Japanese player. 

I read the result of access analyzer and I found some reader tried to translate
this article by translation system.

I wrote this article in broken Japanese,
so the result of translate is also broken too hard to read....
So, I try to write about the content of this article in my English.
I don't write whole translate of the article,
but I write whole of my thought in my article and some appendix
for English language users.
In my childhood, I was called as "Half-Japanese(ハーフ)" or "Gaijin".
My parents are Japanese,they also aren't half-Japanese at all,
but my face looked like a half-Japanese.
As a Japanese, it isn't comfortable for me that I called as "Half".
I don't have any bad image for "Half" and foreigners.
I only dislike that I was understood by mistake.

"Gaijin" and "Half" aren't bad words.
These are only the words that express the type of people
same as "American","European","Chinese" etc....
We called foreigners as "Gaijin-san" by familiarity and respect for
their interest in our country.
"-san" means same as "Mr.","Ms." and "Mrs.".
If we use "Gaijin" with bad nuances, we don't use "-san" at all.
It has been said for many years, but it hasn't been understood for foreigners..
I feel regret at half-Japanese player also dislike the word of "Gaijin"....

Anyway, I think the player in Hades world who wrote a comment on JP button
knows the difference of culture between America and Japan well.
There are people who wants play with their own method, culture and lanugage,
to make worlds for each languates is a good solution for them.

As he said, most of JPs have their job and pay play fee from their salaries.
In Japan,many of adults (especially around 30 years old) have played games
since they are child, so playing a game is seen as a popular hobby for adults.
Especially MMORPGs are thought as games for adults, because it needs fee
for every month to play, most of child can't get fee from their parents.
When I did levelling of PLD in Dunes, I joined a party which have
5 non-JP players.I amased that all of non-JPs are early teens!
Such situation isn't imaginable in JPs party.

There are many good early teen players, but also some bad players,
and good players annoyed their bad manners and behaviors.
Certainly, such bad manners are something of "doing by a child".
As adult, we had better to try to teach them about good manners.
But, many of players don't play for sitting childs,
they only want to play the game.
I think, it is possible that some players thinks that:
If there are many early teens non-JPs, we aren't willing to play
with non-JPs, because we aren't child-sitters.