[FFXI] How we communicate well in the strict environment of FF11. 

I've written some articles about communications between JP players and
non-JP players from the view of JPs who want to use Japanese in FF11.
As the last article about it,
I try to write my oppinion about how we can communicate well in FF11 at now.
Actually, it isn't correct that auto-translation function isn't useful
at all. On some limited situation, it's very useful.
For example, to play easy work something like a leveling work,to play
long term work something like Linkshell activities in Tu'Lia...
Because we don't need complecated conversation in easy works, and we can
have long time to talk about strategy and works in long term works.
So to use auto-translation function is good.I also use it well.

But something like a instant party for CoP missions,it's very hard
to explain the strategy and we have too short time to explain it.
There are many peoples who speak other languages as their mother tongue,
it is natural that some of them want to speak
in their mother tongue. Some German will want to speak German,
some French will want to speak French if they can.
For these situation and demands of some players, auto-translation
function doesn't have enough functions.

For european users, auto-translation function isn't so bad.Because German
and French are simular to English, they can easily talk by word-to-word
translation function.
I've studied German a little at the university,I thought if I could understand
English perfectly, I could understand German soon.
Because there are only difference of words and little of grammer
(something like separated verbs).
Recently, I played "Dragon Quest V" in French with my friend,
even though we don't have studied French any more, we could play it.
We could guess which of "Oui" or "Non" means "no" and some meanings
of some words.
If we had a French-Japanese dictionary, we would play more easily.
This is why non-JP players don't say "their mother tongue only" so much.
Japanese language is too unique.

As like a NA player said on JP Button that he is irritated to be told to study Japanese,
many of Japanese are also irritated to be told to study English, not only in FF11,
but also in everyday life.
You can understand how JPs think about studying English.

Anyway, at now,it is impossible to talk with other language users
as like we talk with their mother tongue. And there are some players
who wants to use their mother tongue in the game,
not to use auto-translation function for the reason I wrote.
In this environment, to play with "all" players is impossible I think.

But we can play more comfortable if we know and accept each other.
Auto-translation function is one of the answer to communicate each other.
But there are players who use auto-translation function, players who use English,
players who use their mother tongue only.It's natural.
We should accept players who don't want to use it and use only their
mother tongue.
I think,if we want communicate with such players,
we have to study their languages.
(Or get someone who is willing to translate....but please ask it for
person who is really willing.It's little hard work.)

That is why I write this article in English.
I could write this article in Japanese and put the URL of translation site,
and write "please translate this article by this site.".It is same behavior
who force someone to use auto-translation function.I won't do it because
I know translation site often translate too strangely to read.

Wenn ich all deutsche Spieler erzählen will, werde ich in Deutsch schreiben.
Aber es ist zu schwierig für mich, deshalb schreibe ich nur in Englisch.
Mir tut es leid.
(I write above in German using translation site and very little
knowledge about German I remember.... I don't know it is correct.)