[[FFXI]] Strange words in auto-translation function 

A NA player wrote in the comments that
this person feels sad that some of JP players write
[[I don't speak English.]].

This auto-translation word is well known
among long-term players as one of SE's translation mistakes.
In Japanese, it is translated as 【私は英語を話せません。】,
it means "I can't understand English.".
"I don't speak English." is 「私は英語を話しません。」in Japanese,
it contains such nuance that "If I can speak English, I don't speak."
Many of JP players don't think so when he use this auto-translation word.
(Recently, some of JP players knows it and use this word as really
"I don't speak English".)

I'm not good at English very much as a Japanese who can understand English,
but I can understand it's not good translation.
I can't understand why SE translates such that.
SE has to make 2 words.... [[I don't...]] and [[I can't...]]

I checked any other words which has strange translation
from the list of auto-translation words in the site for JP players "elemen".

# In this article, I wrote "NA players" "NAs" as players who use English.
#【Japanese word】=[[English word]]

・【やったー!】=[[All right!]]
 Japanese word means "I achieved it!" or "I got it".
"All right!" has such meaning,
but many of English speakers uses as the meaning of "OK.".
So, JP players think NA players use 【やったー!】
with very strange situation, and they think at first "What's the person got?".
From context, many of JPs know this is something of "All right!".

・【今どんな武器を持っていますか?】/[[What weapons can you use?]]
 Japanese word means "What weapons can you use now?".
 There are no "now" word in English sentence,
NA players have possibility that they answers as that:
"I don't have it now but I have ehough skill for this weapon".

・【なるほど。】/[[I see.]]
 Japanese word means like "Oh,I think so too.".
This word will use as "I understand" and JPs are confused.
"What does this person think so?"

 There are no 【はい。】/[[Yes.]] word in auto-translation function,
always we use it as "Yes".
Players will think "what's "please?""
Some of Japanese use this sentence as a joke in their Japanese conversation.
I wonder why SE doesn't make 【はい。】/[[Yes.]] word.
There is the word of 【ください。】/[[please]] in the function...

・【すこし下がって。】/[[Pull back.]]
It isn't translation mistakes but it has 2 meanings.
Japanese word means "Pull back your body (to the camp,etc).",
But NAs use it as "Pull back the monster to our camp.".
JPs think
"I pull back to camp, why doesn't this NA player understand?"
I think this trouble occurs because there are no object
in the English sentences.
# In Japanese, "pull back monsters" is 「引っ張ってきて。」
 # But both of 2 Japanese words are translated as "pull back"...

 Some of JPs uses this word as an item that calls some kind of
Notrious Monter(NM).
I wonder if NAs uses this word as same or not.

 JPs who plays MMORPG well use the word of 【引退】 as
"To quit playing a game and won't play for a long time".

 Japanese word means "To meet a noble person (king,queen,etc)".
 But "audience" also means "someone who looks something (play,etc)",
if NAs use this word as this meaning, JPs will be confused.

 Many of Japanese know the word of "Right" has 2 meanings,
but Japanese word 【右】 means only direction.

It's the name of ability.But...
Japanese word means "To treat something kindly".
 But many of NAs use the word as "Something like fee for services".
especially when they are looking for a tereporter players.
Many of JPs know that 【いたわる】 means "fee" among FF11's NA players,
but new JP players will think "What's 【いたわる】?"
If you want to say correct, please use [[Reward:]](with ":").

 Japanese word 【休み】 means "rest" or "pause".
So if you [[break]] use as the meaning of "to break through something",
it is harder for JPs to understand.
(Many of Japanese understand by context....)
This is also one of the word that confuses new JP players.

This is also a command name,but...
Japanese word 【たたかえ】 is a verb,
it is only used when we order somebody to fight.
So NM[[Fight]][[looking for members.]] means
"NM Fight it! looking for members."
This is also one of the word that confuses new JP players.

Japanese word 【背】 means only a part of body.
Many of Japanese knows 【背】= back, so they can understand.
This is also one of the word that confuses new JP players.

・【王の間】/[[Throne Room]]
 Some player uses this word as "rest room",
but Japanese word 【王の間】 only means "The king's room".
Some of JPs know the mean of it.


こんにちはBukkosan。 お疲れ様でした。 本当にありがとうございます。 今「I don't speak any English」もう少しわかります。 最近JPのPTにはいてJPのPlayerと遊びます。 すごくうれしいです。 (^_^)