【FFXI】Rude non-JP LS/不遜なる外人 

A non-JP's LS arrived at the Ullikummi's room with our LS at same time,
and we stareted racing to get Aura Statues in the room.
For JP's LS in Hades, 2 LSs in the room is ordinary situation,
but they called us as a thieves of camp by say and emote,
(even though we arrived in the room same time)
and one of them told me something.
I can't understand what this person said because there are many words
which seems some of slang.

I know that English users who use slang are children who aren't think
about others any more.
So I didn't make any effort to understand the sentence, and I repled,
"Your English is too difficult to understand. Please use easy words."
The person told by auto-translation words,
"you <> <>" bla bla bla.
I understood what he said, but I misunderstood on purpose.
"I'll give you <> but this room is our's lol"
Not only they were too rude by say and emote
but also they died too many time, they seemed not to be able to use the room.

After 5 mins,it was time to go for our LS, so we leave the room,
so we went out from the room.
I determined that I won't be kind for such cheap newbee non-JPs at all...

Anyway, we got a Diorite, it was good fight for our LS. lol